5 majorly expensive Christmas gifts for dad

This holiday season, what do you get the man who has everything? You probably have to get creative is the short answer. Fortunately for you, we spent some time doing the research for you and uncovered this short list of not-so-ordinary gift ideas for dad. One thing to note, they’re going to cost you.

  1. Baccarat Crystal Camel – $180,000

You can’t put a price on how many times dad helped you out of a jam, but you can show your love by throwing down a small fortune on exquisite handmade Baccarat crystal from France. The back of the animal is a crystal vase, and it’s made of gilded bronze and diamond cut clear crystal.

     2.  Tibetan Mastiff – $1-2 million

Photo courtesy of AKC.org

What dad wouldn’t appreciate man’s best friend showing up on Christmas morning in a red bow, but you will pay a pretty penny for the these precocious pups with a pedigree. A few years back, one sold at an auction for $2 million.

3. Giant Infrared Healing Clam – $14,000

Courtesy photo by slaylebrity.com

It’s a giant clam, which on one hand is an interesting conversation piece, but it’s also a personal sauna with tiny infrared lights that penetrate into your aching joints. Also, it’s full of jade stones and in traditional Chinese medicine, jade is a dream stone. It calms the mind and helps us release our limitations and enjoy abundance.

4. 24k gold shoelaces – $19,000

Courtesy photo by sneakerfiles.com

Why not? Only ten will ever be made, and your father could be sporting one of them by the New Year. The company that makes these will deliver anywhere in the world if the shoe (laces) fit within your budget.

5. Bugatti Chiron – $2.7 million

Courtesy photo by elcomercio.pe

The Chiron is said to be the fastest, most powerful, and exclusive production super sports car in Bugatti’s history (if you’re inclined to buy the advertising hype). It is a unique piece of artwork on wheels and luckily has two seats—one for you and one for dad.

Hopefully this gave you some inspiration for those last-minute gifts for dad.  

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