6 Luxurious Must Haves for 2019

The Leica Ultravid 8 X 32 HD Plus “Edition Hermès

Photo Courtesy: Leica Camera.

This limited edition collaboration between Leica and Hermes is a thing of beauty, true craftsmanship and style.  To celebrate the 111th anniversary of Leica they are making 111 pairs of Ultravid anodized binoculars matched with an Hermès calfskin leather casing from.

Custom Leather Wrapped Vespa

Photo Courtesy: DesignBoom.

Bottega Conticelli, an Italian company specialized in luxury accessories, quality and excellence, paid attention to every detail in this remarkable adornment.  The natural wax finish looks lovely and is also useful, waterproofing the leather and adding protection from the sun.  This hand stitched cover is detachable to add variety or stick to the classic Vespa.

Ping Pong Door

Photo Courtesy: dornob.

For the avid sports fan, athlete or family, this fun ingenious creation is a must for the house.  Custom made to fit any door frame, this hidden Murphy bed style ping pong table opens up ready for play any time!

Hammock Bathtub

Photo Courtesy: House Beautiful.

A revolution in the bathing experience, this carbon fibre design offers a level of comfort traditional bathtubs cannot match.  Visually stunning, the Hammock Bath by Splinter Works combines the relaxing experiences of being in a hammock and a bath to reach a sublime state of bliss.  Longer and deeper than a traditional bathtub it is perfect for sharing with a partner or for taking a luxurious amount of time for yourself.

The Giant Birdnest

Photo Courtesy: Giant Birds Nest.

Innovation is everywhere in nature and this adaptation offers a new concept of comfort and social spaces.  A fun design for seating is available in several sizes from intimate couples to big playful groups.  The soft eggs allow for many different ergonomic sitting positions and supreme comfort.

Floating Cloud Lamp

Photo Courtesy: Richard Clarkson.

There is a captivating quality about clouds and the flashes of lightning during storms.  Now available in house without the rain!  You can have a piece of the magic of Richard Clarkson who created a floating cloud with ambient LED lighting and a music reactive mode that flashes with the beat.  Levitating through magnetism the cloud is sure to draw the attention (and jealousy) of anyone in the room.


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