Mystery and Beauty that Surrounds Meteors

Meteor Mirror

People all over the world share different beliefs about meteors and meteorites. Every ancient civilization venerated these phenomena and related them to omen, sharing the belief that the meteors are extraordinary.

Even today, we allow ourselves to be seduced by the mystery and beauty that surrounds meteors.

We have all witnessed, on clear nights, the fleeting passage of a meteorite. This dazzles us every single time and we keep forever these passionate memories!

The Meteor Mirror is inspired by these unique events, capturing the moment that a meteor hits the Earth in the shape of a crater.


Eclipse Wall Lamp

Since ancient times, solar eclipses have inspired curiosity, caused fear, but also admiration, and are therefore the source of myths, legends, and superstitions. Understanding the origin of the eclipse eliminated fear, but the charm remains.

Whenever we have the opportunity to witness an eclipse, we find the same sense of wonder and enchantment.

Their uniqueness continues to arouse in us emotions that we want to preserve as cheered memories!


Moai Console

The Moai, also known as the Great Heads or the Naoki, are 887 colossal statues in stone located on Easter Island. These beautiful creations are wrapped in mystery and there are several theories around their existence. For some, the Moai were an homage to the ancestors and the gods. For others, especially the Moais who have “hats” (Pukao), served as lightning rods.

What is certain is that the incidence of lightning on the island is high, and at night or on days of low light, the Moai are illuminated when charged with lightning energy.

The Moai are one of the most mysterious and striking cultural manifestations and served as inspiration for Bessa to create a limited edition piece. A creation that preserves the mysterious stories and unique memories of a civilization that we can only imagine.


Pergamo Wall Lamp

Parchment is the name of animal skin prepared to be written on, or the actual document written on such material. The word parchment evolved from the name of the Greek city Pergamon, which is believed by some to have been the epicenter of this invention.

Used by ancient people to record important data, parchment is today a historical treasure. The delicacy and characteristics of the parchment make it a rare and precious object.

Bessa recreated an old and deteriorated parchment in a sculptural piece of art and design to recover the history of such remarkable material.


Belly Armchair

The Belly Chair arouses feelings of tenderness! It is inspired by the beginning of life, the pregnant belly!

Therefore, safety and comfort are the central features of this piece.

With innovative upholstery techniques, we got an exceptional result of comfort and well-being, as if we were returning to a distant time in our memory where we felt protected and cozy!


Farewell Wall Lamp

This piece is the greatest symbol of farewell. The waving gesture that is lost in the distance, leaving tears of sadness on those who are departing. But it is, above all, the expression of the strong feelings that bind us to family and friends.

These beautiful moments full of emotions inspired Bessa. The farewell moments that we never forget!


Candle Side Table

The Candle side table was born from the Candle table lamp. This table combines the different uses of candles throughout the ages. Today, candles create cozy and romantic environments, whereas they were once the light that broke the night. To bring back these moments of magic, BESSA created a piece that simulates a candle melting on glass, with particular prominence to the wax pouring down its sides.


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