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Ocean Blue Magazine Celebrates 25th Edition

Ocean Blue Magazine publish their 25th issue with a special silver jubilee edition featuring the radiant Halle Berry #OnTheCover. The preferred choice for luxury advertisers reaching affluent audiences around the world, Ocean Blue Magazine offers an escape to inspiration with the best edit in luxury fashion, art, entertainment, travel, health, dining, real estate, and more. Never miss an issue.

Now in its seventh year, Ocean Blue Magazine has featured and collaborated with some of the most distinguished names in the business. Its innovative and timeless style combined with #upandcoming content from the season’s defining trends, make this a sought-after publication in the luxury market. Achieving a truly spectacular collection of now 25 unique editions with leading influencers gracing the covers, this anniversary issue celebrates strength, courage and endurance at the turn of each page. Characterizing all this and more is the incredible Halle Berry with her endless portfolio of highly acclaimed performances, plenty of female grit and a champion approach for raising awareness on numerous causes. Read From The Publisher and The Interview to discover more on the sexy and sophisticated Oscar-winning actress and producer.

Ocean Blue Magazine´s digital version was recently enhanced for the 24th edition with the launch of an interactive magazine. Read the issue with Jennifer Aniston #OnTheCover. The incorporation of this leading-edge technology through responsive design further brings the publication to life driving the user experience on an immersive level through photo galleries, videos, sounds, animation, and more. Still, even in a virtual world, the feeling of physically holding the traditional print issues in hand is something quite extraordinary and greatly valued by Ocean Blue Magazine´s growing list of high-end clientele and global readership.

Ocean Blue Magazine is at the heart of Ocean Blue World, a luxury networking platform renowned for its signature services including events and experiences, sponsorship, productions, and more. Named by The Silicon Review as one of the “50 Leading Companies of The Year 2020,” Ocean Blue World is full steam ahead with their classic and on point brand messaging The Options Are Endless.

Now starting a new chapter, Ocean Blue Magazine continues to celebrate lifestyle excellence and from here on in – it only gets better and better. Read the 25th special edition and subscribe to Ocean Blue Magazine.

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