Infinite Fit Agency, the trusted experts in VIP fitness, training and wellness experiences in Los Cabos, Mexico, brings a fresh look to healthy living for their global directory of clients and partners. Gaining fast traction in México’s beautiful Baja California Sur and beyond, the team of personal trainers and wellness coaches passionately provide their clients with the practical tools to take on everyday life. Fostering an environment of healthy habits with a focus on reaching personal fitness goals that are built to last, Infinite Fit Agency stays ahead of the game offering a diverse selection of first-rate classes designed to engage, unite and inspire.

For improving strength, mobility and total body tone, active workouts for longevity includes Body Weight Training, Gentle Functional Fitness, Glutes and Abs, and Latin Dance; for balancing the mind, body and soul, wellness classes on offer include Beach Yogalates, Sunset Restorative Yoga and Stretching, Mat Pilates and Breathwork; for wholesome recipes on superfoods that fuel the body, Nutritional Guidance classes are available. Upon request, Kids Movement classes are also on offer.

Customized programs are provided to individuals, businesses, and at private or social events, with in-person one-on-one or group training in the most unique of settings; additionally, online routines are also accessible from the comfort and privacy of your own home. From beginner’s level to advanced and riveting sessions, each class is tailored to precisely “fit.”



University-educated with 17+ years of teaching experience, Michelle specializes in teaching Yoga & Pilates programs customized to her fit clients’ needs.


Magda is 2-time Natural Miss Universe, IFBB Fitness/Figure Pro Athlete, has experience as a Fitness Competition prep coach and specializes in teaching Tabata, HIIT, & Glutes and Abs classes as well as Personal Training and Yoga.


Originally from Poland, Paul is a Natural Mr. Universe winner, Mr. World winner, fitness-writer, blogger, reporter, and overall fitness enthusiast. Paul has appeared on numerous TV shows but most enjoys teaching others the benefits of proper Strength Training Techniques and Nutrition.


Tita has studied Yoga in Rishikesh, India (Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) and Restorative Yoga in La Paz, Me?xico. Her class is suitable for all experience levels and focuses on connecting all movements with a deep breath to reach a profound relaxation state.


Enrique has a degree as a guitar player from The Art school of Puebla City University and is a certified mindfulness instructor. His focus is to spread the message that music, play and meditation are fundamental tools for our wellbeing and healthy coexisting between beings; which is why we not only practice it, but we share it through workshops, talks and concerts.


Stephanie’s approach as a fitness nutritionist is to design a customized program for anyone. Whether gluten free, dairy free, diabetic, vegan, paleo or all of the above, a plan existed for everyone’s personal tastes, goals, budget and schedules. She believes that the power of food and lifestyle changes can work miracles.

United by a healthy lifestyle, the team at Infinite Fit Agency invites you to achieve your fitness, health and wellness goals. Stay on track with the latest health and fitness trends and let the experts help you get there.

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