Villas Del Mar Villa 212

VDM Villa 212 | Villas Del Mar

Footprints & Memories

Two Visionaries walked the land just two decades ago and created a must-have row of Villas. The grand dames still showcase a design that will never go out of style.

Welcome to one of those dames, Villa 212, a majestic beachy get-a-way that blends pieces and ideas from the past with inspirations of today. Open & Airy. Comfortable & Practical. Featuring salty air breezes, chorusing waves as they break below, whales breaching, new color palettes painted in the sky daily and stars too numerous to count.

As the keepers of the flame passes the torch, they will take with them fabulous memories, mementos and meaning.

It’s time for the next Family’s Footprints & Memories!

For additional details contact Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate.

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