Francesco Mitrano


Polo is a sport that is the very essence of glamour and elegance, the twin pearls of the Principality of Monaco.

The president of the Monte Carlo Polo Club, Francesco Mitrano, is a successful Italian entrepreneur and a resident of Monaco with a passion for equestrian sports. Mitrano grew up at his family’s splendid, centuries-owned Tuscan estate, Tenuta Di San Giusto in Gaiole, Italy. The estate is surrounded by horses and acres of land. It was here he developed a passion for horses and began riding competitively at the age of seven.

The Monaco resident’s passion for the sport led to his founding the Monte Carlo Polo Club in 2013 – the first club dedicated to the sport in the Principality. In 2014, with the approval of the local authorities, he strengthened Polo’s position within the Monegasque community by creating the Fe?de?ration de Polo de la Principaute? de Monaco.

In 2014 Mitrano presided over the First Monte Carlo Polo Cup. The 2015 tournament was held in July. The annual event has been honored since its inception by the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. It is Mitrano’s hope that in time and through his efforts the Monte Carlo Polo Cup will become as renowned as the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

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