On The Move: Digital Entrepreneur & Influencer Caroline Daur

Digital Entrepreneur & Influencer, Caroline Daur

A dominating force inside the digital world of social media: Caroline Daur, high fashion and lifestyle influencer, has created a platform that is popping up all over everyone’s Instagram feeds, and motivating her fans to take chances and indulge in wildly cool mint-colored silk dresses while jet setting to five-star locations.


Hamburg born and based, Daur has taken the concept of exploring her personality through fashion and has combined it with a growing passion for travel, garnering over 2.2M followers. Today, transforming from blogger to model and entrepreneur, this 24-year-old digital starlet is driving a new age on the web where admiring style icons can find out the top trends instantly rather than six months later inside a store or magazine.


Collaborating with powerful brands such as Moncler, Prada, Maison Valentino, Bottega Veneta and Dolce & Gabbana, Daur is taking social media partnerships to next level, all-encompassing heights. A spokesperson that tells the narrative of Germany’s girl next door and style superstar who knows what works and what doesn’t, Daur is pioneering a new space where glossy catalogues take a back seat and Instagram becomes the driving authority. The next-gen ideology of fashion news, this new platform largely developed by influencers like Daur herself, is changing the way consumers shop and the way brands invest in advertising. Inventing a new profession coined influencer marketing, Daur has carved out a commentary that not only disrupts the traditional nature of the fashion industry but the domain for travel and lifestyle headlines.


And this is only the beginning. The opportunities are endless as Daur takes her followers around the world, showcasing her most coveted coffee houses, ski retreats and star-studded red carpet events. Curating a vision that says all things ultra-luxe, Daur is showing her followers that there is no better space to research the most glamorous destinations and wardrobes to take along on the trip than on her IG feed. Self-made without a manager, agent and assistant, Daur is the true story of success that anything is possible.


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