The AeroMobil Flying Car – Redefining Transportation Boundaries


The future of travel is here. Flying transportation is being made a reality thanks to the advanced Slovakian engineering company, AeroMobil. Officially launched at the world’s most exclusive supercar show, Top Marques Monaco, AeroMobil has accomplished a tremendous feat in both automotive and aviation industries, creating the first consumer grade aeroplane-car hybrid.

The AeroMobil Flying Car has been inspired by a desire to give customers true freedom of movement in a vehicle that is both extraordinary and exciting, while also being efficient. It is designed to offer customers the choice of all the functionality and flexibility a car and an aeroplane can provide. Its dual mode means it can cut travel times compared to traditional short haul airline flights ranging up to 1,000km as its powerful engine enables greater range and offers more efficient use of energy. The innovative vehicle is expected to go into full production in the upcoming years with the first deliveries being made to buyers by 2020.

The AeroeMobil Flying car is truly ground-breaking triumph of technical expertise, engineering and design.

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