Like Floating In the Air

Polaroid camera

In an era where technology evolves at a breakneck pace, certain gadgets manage to capture our hearts with designs that marry timeless elegance and modern innovation. Televisions, turntables, Polaroid cameras, and music easels are prime examples of this blend, where vintage aesthetics meet contemporary functionality. Today’s televisions offer sleek, minimalist lines and smart capabilities, while turntables combine retro charm with cutting-edge audio fidelity. Polaroid cameras continue to evoke nostalgia with their instant photo gratification, now enhanced by digital advancements. Similarly, music easels, once the domain of avant-garde artists, now integrate seamlessly with digital interfaces, making them accessible to a new generation of creators. These enduring designs remind us that true innovation respects the past while embracing the future.

Like Floating In The Air

LG Electronics recently unveiled its first wireless transparent Oled TV. The 77-inch screen blends into the environment once turned off. The wireless features allow it to be placed anywhere in the home for an open environment

LG Electronics' first wireless transparent Oled TV
The Transparent Turntable

Timeless Design

The Transparent Turntable is a reinvention of a classic vinyl record player – crafted out of aluminum and tempered glass – designed for modern homes and an ever evolving technology. 

Instant Gratification

Polaroid Now+ White Bluetooth Connected I-Type with Lens Filter Set.

Musical Geek out

The Ultimate Musical Geek-Out

It might look like a retro novelty instrument, but the nursery-coloured stylings of the Music Easel synth belie its extraordinary versatility. This special limited edition to mark its 50th anniversary is the ultimate musical geek-out. 

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