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Born to Run

On July 8, 1954, the crowds who gathered in Amsterdam to watch the start of the fabulous Tour de France Cycliste were amused to discover a new vehicle following the cyclists: the Peugeot 203 Torpédo Tour de France. Produced in 12 identical copies by Peugeot, it was intended for easy contact between cyclists and their support teams, while allowing the transport of bicycles.

California Dreaming

Dior and French-based BMX bicycle brand Bogarde produced an all-white bike. Everything from the tires, bike pedals, seat, handles and brake levers are covered in a sleek white tone. Dior’s monogram can be found on the frame padding and handlebars. Gold trim is seen on the wheels.


Louis Vuitton delves into the world of games and leisure to produce the Babyfoot Epi foosball table. This masterfully constructed item showcases an elegantly shaped top covered in Epi leather. The hand-painted players, inspired by a 1921 LV groom illustration, are operated by sleek handles covered in cowhide leather for a comfortable grip.

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