This Month Golf Enthusiasts Celebrate 100 Years of Greatness

For lovers of early tee times on pristine greens and post-golf private dining at spectacular clubhouses, this month is for you – Happy #NationalGolfMonth!

Photo Courtesy of Querencia.

Kicking off with some of the top tournaments in the sport, golf enthusiasts will be sure to follow the WGC Bridgestone Invitational and the 100th anniversary of the PGA Championship.

The weather in August is often ideal for golfing this time of year so be sure to take advantage of the deals and events organized near you. As for things you can do during national golf month, take it as an opportunity to play more or get out early for the first tee time of the day is quite breathtaking and an experience worth trying as the temperature is perfect at dawn.

Why not treat yourself to a course you haven’t played before?  Celebrate an entire month devoted to the sport you enjoy, it would be a nice way to treat yourself and your friends.

You can also take a lesson as a gift to yourself.  Once in a while it is good to get a fresh perspective that can help your swing, alignment or overall understanding of the game.  A pro can diagnose your game and give valuable tips in just one lesson.

Playing charity golf tournaments is a fun way to help out with your community or those in need.  You also usually get to play with people you don’t normally play with which can forge a new friendship!


Take a look at the pro tournaments coming up and plan a trip with friends of family to watch the pros live.  It is always better to see the sport firsthand and up close.

Inspire your kids or grandkids by taking them out for mini golf or a 9 hole round and help share the sport you love with the people you love.

Photo Courtesy of Rancho San Lucas.

Now is a perfect time as a new golfer to get out and try a sport you can play your whole life. Although it can be challenging at first, the sound and feel of striking the ball cleanly is so rewarding it draws many people to keep learning and repeat that feeling.  Golf keeps your body moving, especially if you can walk the course as was originally intended.  Some courses do not allow for people to walk the course as it would slow down other golfer’s games but if you have the chance you should try it at least once.

Photo Courtesy of Querencia.

Throughout the month of August, Ocean Blue World will explore the ultimate ways to turn that golf pastime into a full-scale lifestyle, stay tuned for more to come!


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