Six Senses Duxton

Six Senses Duxton

Singapore is now home to Six Senses’ Duxton, the first (and stunning) urban hotel from the luxury resort company previously known for beach properties.  The ornate designs of Anouska Hempel in this complete restoration demonstrate their high-class through a color blend of black, gold and yellow. Carefully appointed Chinese screens and calligrafy add exquisite detail. 

There are too many incredible characteristics to mention but there are a couple that cannot be overlooked.  For a truly unique experience Hempel has designed the hotel so that of the 49 guestrooms no two are exactly the same.  Rooted in the history and culture of the area, Six Senses Duxton will have its own medicinal herbal dispensary and a traditional Chinese medicine doctor is available by appointment for readings and herbal therapies for a holistic healing experience you cannot find in other hotels.   

The location in the Tanjong Pagar district, famously known for opium and gambling in the 19th and 20th centuries, is full of genuine experiences, socializing, nightlife and fine dining. Neil Jacobs, CEO of Six Senses says, “It’s all about community and being part of the rich, local culture of Singapore.” You can get the real experience and a taste of Singapore within a few city blocks.  The hotel features it’s own unique ambiance for the in house restaurant Yellow Pot, offering classic fine dining as well as innovative Chinese cuisine.  Follow up with a drink in the lobby bar, highly recommended is the signature house cocktail of hot whiskey, brandy and absinth, topped with yellow chrysanthemum.

Although the ecological trend has begun, many hotels still have not joined it yet.  The Six Senses Duxton gets bonus points for filtering their own water and providing glass water bottles that can be refilled to minimize plastic use and waste.  Bath amenities are also in refillable ceramic containers instead of the traditional small plastic bottles.

If you are looking for a taste of history mixed with a blend of opulence and a dash of herbal healing there is no better place than the Six Senses Duxton.  The kind of experiences and attention to detail found here will leave you wondering why Six Senses did not enter the urban hotel scene earlier.

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