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  LIce Cube Artist
eslie Kirchhoff is an ice cube innovator, cocktail consultant, photographer and DJ, whose multi-disciplinary magic extends from the pages of Vogue to dance floors.
Having sampled some of the world’s most innovative mixology during her travels, she noticed a lack of creative attention for the cocktail’s centerpiece –the ice cube. What began as a series of arty ice experiments in her kitchen grew into a passionate affair with all things frozen and a thriving business. Since launching Disco Cubes Kirchhoff has become an in-demand collaborator for brands like Vuitton, Dior, Cartier and Moët Chandon.
  For The Fashion Maven & Health-Food Obsessive...
Beauty and bliss can be found in every area of life. Even a 3 p.m. snack. Dada Daily bridges the gap between the food, fashion and art worlds by elevating daily rituals with mindfully-crafted snacks (naturally vegan, gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free) ranging from honey glazed umami cocktail nuts, crunchy
sweet potato aïoli curls, to matcha latte petite bars and turmeric cabbage petals.
  Photos Courtesy Of: Leslie Kirchhoff, Dada Daily
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