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Slim Family
 But Slim has also shown to be one of the world’s most important philanthropists through his Carlos Slim Foundation, whose $4 billion in humanitarian activities since its inception in
1986 include funding education, employment, health, nutrition, social justice, culture, human development and environmental conservation among other areas.
Earlier this year his foundation announced the donation of $42 million to purchase ventilators and medical equipment for coronavirus patients in Mexico and educate the public about the disease. Simply put, the programs he funds reach millions.
For this son of Lebanese immigrants and self-made business tycoon, fighting poverty with health, education and employment is paramount to leaving this world better than he found it.
“The truth is, you leave this world with nothing. What you are is a temporary administrator, and you must administer well... the wealth in your care, and generate more. The surplus can be used to do many things for people.”
Carlos Slim, Shakira, Howard Buffett
     Sophia Loren, Carlos Slim
Eva Longoria, Carlos Slim
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