Page 51 - Ocean Blue World Magazine - 25th Edition
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Robertson, who was raised in Toronto, Canada, has had a nine-to-five job in fashion in New York since the ‘80s. He is currently living in California and
is a creative director for Estée Lauder, painting prolifically in between breaks from work and parenting; “Drawbertson,” as he has nicknamed himself, doesn’t have much use for sleep.
His work is exuberant and satirical, revealing a childlike joy for life and everyday objects that resonates with fans and the fashion world.
Who else could get away with painting a Louis Vuitton logo on a toilet paper holder or make art out of ketchup, toast or band aids?
What Robertson brings to our society is vibrant, happy cultural reflections that inevitably leave us with a smile as warm as a moment in the sunshine.
“to hIs 200,000+ adorIng Instagram followers, donald robertson Is a fun- lovIng but mythIcal fIgure known sImPly as @drawbertson.”

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