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reat works of art tell a story, and in the case of Assouline, which has recently branched out into furniture, Assouline Publishing that is particularly true. The candles and accessories, has published works on Chanel, publishing house, founded in 1994 by Prosper Dior and Pucci, travel and architecture, and has worked with and Martine Assouline, creates exquisitely American socialite Lee Radziwill and Queen Elizabeth on
photographed, hand-bound works of art, tangible testimonies tomes including their private letters and photographs.
to aesthetic of luxury.
Their first book, La Colombe d’Or, was a labor of love devoted to one of their favorite hotels in Southern France. With Martine writing the text and Prosper handling graphic design, the book filled a niche and celebrated the art de vivre, which would become Assouline’s trademark.
Twenty-six years and more than 1,500 titles later, Assouline has established itself as the preeminent publishing house for luxury brands, and its works have become elite collector’s items, statement pieces for the most exclusive libraries with prices ranging into the thousands of dollars for limited special editions.
“Our digital world goes faster than ever and nothing remains of it, but books are the solid part of our past and present.”
Assouline Publishing
With 13 stores and 20 “branded corners” in high-end department stores across the globe, entering the world of Assouline is like stepping into an oasis of culture and style, a realm of luxury where you can, and should, judge a book by its cover.
  adid, Peter Lindbergh
Photos Courtesy Of: Assouline
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