A Life in the Wild

Thomas D. Mangelsen, conservationist and international wildlife photographer shares his knowledge, aesthetic, patience and love for the natural world through his precise photographic images. Each of Mangelsen’s photographs tells its own story. Catch of the Day and Into the Wind – Bald Eagle are two of Mangelsen’s most iconic images portraying a confluence of photographic elements, that many aspire to, but few obtain. It is important to note that none of Mangelsen’s works are digitally enhanced. They are the result of patiently waiting for that exact moment, the one that is dictated by the subject.

Mangelsen has been honored with the highest of photographic awards. His work is part of the Smithsonian’s permanent collection and displayed in books, magazines, galleries, and museums worldwide.

Now in his early 70s, Mangelsen continues to travel to natural habitats, capturing images of wild mountain gorillas, black rhinos, jaguars and other species in danger of extinction. He currently has a traveling exhibition, A Life in the Wild. For Mangelsen the natural world is a place of wonder and inherent beauty that he devotedly shares with humanity.

“It’s my gift, in a way, that I can give people.” – Thomas D. Mangelsen

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