A Taste Of Pegasus

The Super Bowl of the racetracks. A larger than life thoroughbred speedway, located in Gulfstream Park, that’s handcrafting gastronomic bowls of fresh caught ahi tuna, savory shrimp pad thai, and beef tenderloin topped with creamy béarnaise sauce presented by world renown tastemaker, Chef Wolfgang of The Stronach Group, most known for one of a kind altering takes on race track eats.

And at this highly prized championship race, donned the 2019 Pegasus World Cup Championship Invitational Series, Chef Wolfgang is planning to amp up the stakes from traditional stadium fare – such as jumbo hot dogs and shaved ice treats – to yogurt and granola, smoked salmon, and even carving stations as part of an exclusive partnership with newly launched design driven restaurant, Swan.

But what’s unique to this fully curated championship menu is Chef Wolfgang’s dedication to his guests.

“We have an international clientele here with a horse coming from Japan so we’re expecting Japanese guests,” said Chef Wolfgang. “We’ll have Japanese dishes like carved beef tenderloin which is marinated with soy.”

Constructing a menu to fit the unparalleled tastes of a global grub list, Chef Wolfgang will be serving up modern innovative twists on traditional comfort food dishes such as fondue with all of this fixings for his European spectators and a light ceviche for Miami onlookers. Also featured on the menu will be additions like foie gras and lobster.

“We really want to bring the culinary aspect up higher…People are looking to more alternatives than hot dogs and sliders. I think there’s a trend going more to the light and nutritious. We’re offering also vegetarian and vegan items. It’s a demand from the clientele.”

Photo Courtesy by lifeandthyme.com

But these tantalizingly delicious savories aren’t the only new aspects to this World Cup Series, but changes to the fashion forecast as well, with guests arriving in cool casual wear instead of floral printed dresses and oversized hats.

“Its definitely changed a little bit, the dynamic. You still have big races where people dress up in the Kentucky Derby…its very traditional, the outfits, the hats, the tuxedos for the guys there. But it’s getting a little bit more casual. I think it’s a sign of the times.”

Photo Courtesy by time.com

Guests can also expect additions like LIV Stretch Village featuring performances by Snoop Dog and Mark Ronson and trackside eats from Komodo, Planta, Swan, and Bar Bevy.

So we recommend to join us, and Miami’s influencers, celebrities, and horse racing elite, and relish in this ultra luxurious thoroughbred horse race, that’s sure to be unlike any other.

Photo Courtesy by www.nytimes.com

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