Gabriela Hearst’s “Honest Luxury” Style

From blush tailored pant suits to leather bags with rose gold hardware, Uruguayan native, Gabriela Hearst, is painting New York runways with elegant colors of soft lavenders and silver greys with her new to the fashion world “honest luxury” style line.

And this autumn, cashmere sweaters and reversible trench coats weren’t the only items that Hearst was serving fashion week onlookers – a taste of her homeland plated with empanadas and grilled vegetables opened her 34 – look red hot show.

But it you’re wondering, how this South American local made it big in the big apple so quickly, we have the answer in three words. Made with care.

Growing up on her family’s ranch, Hearst spent her childhood surrounded by grazing farm animals on the backdrop of radiant amber woods, taking care of horses, cattle, and sheep. It was here that she learned the importance of patience, that with attention to detail, you’ll find the right result. And with these values, Hearst decided to embark on a journey to develop a brand that honored her hometown heritage. Where instead of manufacturing on trend pieces that fit the seasonal fashion forecast, Hearst would produce items with purpose behind design.

So after more than a decade studying design in the concrete jungle of Manhattan, Hearst launched her first collection in 2015 – honoring her heritage. But that’s not all she took over. Hearst too took over the operations of her father’s ranch in Uruguay gaining inspiration from the strong ethics she grew up with as a young girl. One key value that was mentioned is that Hearst focuses on finding out where materials come from and who makes them.

Or as Gabriela Hearst puts it, “luxury with a conscience.”

And with 99% of her textiles sustainable and ecofriendly, Hearst’s constructions have hit a homerun at home – at the places she loves most – and all over the world.

The Nina Bag, a light pink rosy colored leather handbag that was most famously seen on the arms of royals like Meghan Markle has now sparked long online waiting lists. Originally, Hearst only manufactured 20 custom made bags – particularly for good friends and family. Little did she know that within no time the bag would form a cult like following.

So with using these noble like materials and leading the parade on organic apparel, Hearst has built an A – list fan base that’s celebrity driven – spawning buyers like Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, and Emma Stone – and eco – friendly motivated, landing her the 2017 – 2018 International Woolmark Prize.

So if your keen on indulging on long lasting garments that are just as alluring as they are sophisticated, we suggest you jet set to New York for the weekend and check out Hearst’s first ever standalone store at the Carlyle Hotel located on Madison Avenue.


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