Harmony and Balance in the Heart of Polanco, Mexico City

Emilio 61 by Progressive Design Firm ¨Cofer Studio

Emilio 61 is a three-bedroom penthouse located in the heart of Polanco, one of the most luxurious districts in all of Mexico City. Abounding with lavish properties, this extraordinary neighborhood shares a distinguished concept of exclusivity and vivaciousness.



The interior of Emilio 61 was designed to harmonize two distinctly different personalities into one – a prominent fashion designer and a high-ranking attorney. The space was devised to create an effortless balance between polar opposites as is reflected in the ancient Chinese philosophy ‘yin-yang,’ where seemingly contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. Emilio 61 exudes vibrant color contrasts with sophisticated statements of black and white creating a unique, yet beautifully contemporary environment.




The finest feature of the residence is the breathtaking, 360-degree view which ties the entire place together. The perfect apartment for throwing a party, the sunset paints the tone for an amazing evening overlooking the lovely Lincoln Park.

Interior Design Credits: Cofer Studio
Photo Credits: Aldo Gracia

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