Lamborghini’s Historic Partnership With Avant Gallery & Skyler Grey

Lamborghini. An Italian automobile brand that is embarking on an exclusive partnership with Avant Gallery and eighteen-year-old anomaly, Skyler Grey, to mark the company’s first ever art project in history since the vehicles inception.

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The Lamborghini Aventador will be wrapped in one of a kind works by Grey and then premiered to sports car and art collector aficionados later this year.

Grey, often referred to as “The Fresh Prince of Street Art,” will be showcasing images of pop culture icons – such as Mickey Mouse and Wonder Woman – fused with luxury and fashion iconography via inclusion of logos such as Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton. Creating a new space for his own art genre to live, Grey’s work is not only authentic but also innovative, speaking to what he considers pop culture to be today. And while he is inspired and even sometimes compared to influential leaders in the contemporary art world such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Keith Haring, Grey is on his way to pioneering his own brand, one that is three dimensional layered with art, luxury, and social media.

And with this first ever collaboration with Lamborghini, Grey is well on his way.

Dmitry Prut, owner of Avant Gallery who coined this momentous partnership, is too looking forward for this moment, a butterfly effect in the contemporary art world where sports cars and art will be married together in a new arena for luxury.

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And Prut, while representing some of the worlds most esteemed up and coming artists, sees that there is a cross-pollination happening between art and upscale sports cars.

“There definitely is a growing demographic of luxury car owners who are also now investing in contemporary art,” said Dmitry Prut. “I think that with this Lamborghini partnership we’ll also get to expose art to their demographic of car owners who may have considered investing in art but have yet to pull the trigger.”

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Collectors and Lamborghini connoisseurs will be able to interact and view this exclusive collaboration at Avant Gallery locations.

Avant Gallery will also be opening its New York flagship location this spring in Hudson Yards.

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