A Living Master – Frank Arnold

Frank Arnold - A Living Master

Internationally known abstract artist, Frank Arnold, has drawn Mexico’s leading Gallery District into the spotlight.

Though tempted by the New York and Mexico City art scenes, Arnold chose to locate his home, main studio and gallery in San Jose del Cabo.  Simply put, He found that New York and Mexico City offered too many distractions for the way he needs to work. He still has a second studio space in Mexico City and a third in California but most of his time is spent in Cabo.   Any Thursday in Cabo during high season you will likely find Arnold in his gallery. Over the course of the evening into late night hours hundreds of people will filter through this amazing and beautiful space to view the art and meet the artist. The Gallery District’s weekly art openings are a festive, almost magical atmosphere and as it’s the biggest night of the week. Press from all over the world come to meet and interview Arnold. Like a major movie premiere, the mood is friendly yet energizing.

Frank Arnold Gallery Interior

Arnold describes his method and process of expression in the book,”UNLOCKED”, he coauthored with noted depth psychologist, Dr. Jim Manganiello. Of Arnold, Manganiello has said, “Frank is a celebrated abstract figurative painter and sculptor. So although I missed Kandinsky, I can now explore the interface between art and psychology with a living master who works as Kandinsky did, from his deep interior and out of inner necessity. Like Kandinsky, Frank’s heart is ablaze with the passion needed to create inspired Images.” Their book explores the concept of unlocking our own sense of creativity to discover who we really are. Arnold explains his personal process of creative expression as, “I go to a place where no words are spoken, a place where there is no sound, no smells, even my sense of touch goes away. I am left in a bright place where things seem to be given to me. It’s a wonderful place where I feel I can do anything, a place that I am so grateful for because I can see.”

Arnold is always working, painting, sculpting or traveling to a show or book signing. He feels very lucky to be in Cabo, such a rare jewel, and part of such a thriving art community. He has created a place and set a pace, which suits his creative process, keeping his work honest.

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Blue Man

Arnold prefers to be at home, in Cabo, with the love of his life, wife Carmen. He credits her with his understanding and love for Mexico and the people, as well as making his simple life seem elegant. And it is in Cabo where he gets his inspiration on his daily walk out to the Sea Of Cortez, followed by work in his studio, and meeting new people in his gallery.

Frank Arnold Gallery Front

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