On the Bright Side

With his colorful, whimsical style and healthy sense of humor, artist Donald Robertson doesn’t take himself too seriously, and that’s just the way his hundreds of thousands of Instagram fans, including Beyoncé and Sarah Jessica Parker, like it.

“Discovering Donald is like recalling a bright, happy, vividly recalled moment from the past.” — Sarah Jessica Parker

The father of five first started publishing his work to social media in 2012 and in the years since has exploded, earning him the moniker “The Andy Warhol of Instagram,” and garnering collaborations with fashion houses such as Smashbox, Bobbi Brown and Bergdorf Goodman.

Robertson, who was raised in Toronto, Canada, has had a nine-to-five job in fashion in New York since the ‘80s. He is currently living in California and is a creative director for Estée Lauder, painting prolifically in between breaks from work and parenting; “Drawbertson,” as he has nicknamed himself, doesn’t have much use for sleep.

“To his 200,000+ adoring Instagram followers, Donald Robertson is a fun-loving but mythical figure known simply as @Drawbertson.”

His work is exuberant and satirical, revealing a childlike joy for life and everyday objects that resonates with fans and the fashion world.

Who else could get away with painting a Louis Vuitton logo on a toilet paper holder or make art out of ketchup, toast or band aids?

What Robertson brings to our society is vibrant, happy cultural reflections that inevitably leave us with a smile as warm as a moment in the sunshine.

“I want to be the Pharrell of art! Happy!” — Donald Robertson

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