Rug’Society – Tapestry Masterpieces for the Home

Elevating rugs into the art world is the mission of this Portuguese tapestry company that leads with the slogan: “a love affair between design and craftsmanship.” The Rug’Society brand is emotional and eclectic at the core and that’s the starting point for every new design. Trendsetting is one way to describe the rugs, bold innovators that take their rightful place among the greats such as van Gogh, Monet and Warhol. The rugs are bold, contemporary and forward thinking, but also beautiful to look at. They draw inspiration from everyday life and in particular what’s different and iconic in pop culture. Not from one single lens, but by mixing up different visions, styles and characters.

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Speaking of visions and styles, there are visual artists who dream up the designs and the company touts these creations as “rugs with character,” meaning the rugs speak for themselves in uniqueness and style. Years of artisan craftsmanship come standard with every woven work, labelled with punchy names like Mira, Oscar and Suzy. When you think about why people enjoy art and feel a certain attachment to special pieces, it’s because having art in your home is an expression of who you are. This is the same idea with a twist: the company says, “we invest strongly in manual techniques, craftsmanship and the use of noble materials, which bring both the memories of old traditions and the new trends of the present. In short, they want your rug to be an expression of your feelings.

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Every rug has a story to tell and these rugs can tell a personal story too. If there’s a unique space in your home that doesn’t fit traditional sizes, the company will make a rug specific to the size you need, from their existing patterns. The rugs, and also extraordinary fabrics, lamps, wallpaper and more, have been written up in Architectural Digest, Design, Elle Decoration and others.

From Bauhaus to your home, Rug’Society provides a fresh new way to express your love of art, starting from ground level.

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