Silver Comes to Life with Taller de los Ballesteros

Cristal Azul

Dating back to 1937, Taller de los Ballesteros is one of Mexico’s finest silver jewelers. Since the beginning, Talleres de los Ballesteros has focused on traditional techniques, intricate craftsmanship and continuous evolution when creating their stunning pieces. Much of their work is inspired by the beautiful natural environment and vibrant culture of Mexico. Some impressive favorites include:

GOLDFISH: Influenced by the depths of the Mexican ocean, this timeless piece reflects elegance and sophistication. Each is elaborated in fine silver detail of .925 with a bath of gold of 24 K finished with ruby details.


JAGUAR: Designed with the same grandeur, agility and wild elegance as the animal, this piece is handcrafted in fine sterling silver .925.


TIBORES: Each tibor is uniquely handmade showcasing the essence of Mexican art in all its brilliance. Consisting of fine silver .999, these works of art can take more than three weeks to complete.


Adding to their impressive collection comes “LINKS” – the latest of the Ballesteros HOGAR decorative line. This exclusive collection features table centers and bowls made of fused .999 silver. No matter the unique design, it’s clear to see how Taller de los Ballesteros has become a luxury icon worldwide.

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