The Magical and The Mundane

Daniel Bilmes is a talented and successful Los Angeles-based painter. The visual impact of his work is both intriguing and familiar. His more colorful works invite the viewer to not only see, but almost feel the essence of that perfectly applied paint’s tone.

In his more recent works, the spectator responds to the depth and sensuousness in the sepia-toned artist’s touch. Obvious is the young artist’s technical skill, however it is the personal vision that reverberates in the viewer. Bilmes’ website describes his work as combining “…realism with elements of symbolism and abstraction,” which “…weave together the magical and mundane.” Bilmes’ work has been the subject of various features including in Fine Art Today and The Blue Reviews18 Artists to Watch in 2018”.

Daniel Bilmes studied with his father, Semyon Bilmes, the noted artist and teacher. Being immersed in art from such an early age has laid a lasting foundation of curiosity that continues to drive and inform his work today.

“The oil paintings of Daniel Bilmes have an ephemeral quality to them. Using light layers and a limited palette the artist paints figures that are poised in moments that feel highly symbolic.” – The Blue Review

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