Louis Vuitton Women’s Spring-Summer 2019 collection

Does this illuminated promenade encircling the Louvre Pyramid really exist? All around it, fleeting reflections of water keep company with the singular light of sundown. A passion for travel is inherent to the Louis Vuitton House — but might it even surpass travel? Inventing a new landscape is at the heart of the Spring-Summer 2019 collection.

With a play on graphics and volumes, a conquering silhouette sets off on an adventure of pure sartorial exploration. Its allure is composed of myriad souvenirs of expeditions to faraway lands. Are the landscapes the adventuress so proudly wears on her bust even real?

Classicism counterbalances exotic locales; the refinement of savoir-faire contrasts with the hardiness of nomadic equipment. The clothes’ reliefs create panoramas unto themselves; the confrontation of colours and motifs recount a tale of adventure. This absolute voyager conveys a world she has made her own. The Louis Vuitton House crosses and blends territories, creating an illusion of ideal geography.

There arises the matter of mirages, fantastical shores that become precious memories for every traveller. Mirage, from the Latin “mirare”, means ‘seeing with astonishment’: isn’t that fashion’s essential mission?


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