The Ultimate Luxuries in Shaving

As a businessman, executive, post grad moving up the ranks or simply a man who wants to look clean and good, shaving well is a must.  There are many products that are skillfully marketed but just do not make the cut.  In order to have a fantastic shaving experience, a few essentials should be present.  The first one of them is time.  Shaving in a rush will not make for a good experience.

A badger hair shaving brush such as the one made by Taylor of Old Bond Street goes above and beyond when it comes to preparing the hairs and pores.  The natural hairs of the brush allow for greater lathering and lift hairs up from the face making them easier to cut cleanly.  Circular brushing and lathering is recommended for maximum lift, allow a minute or two to soften the stubble before shaving.

For the savvier shaver a triple or quadruple bladed razor is little more than a gimmick.  Treat yourself with a single, incredibly sharp blade that will not cause resistance and irritation.  Feather Blades are Japanese made and crafted with a platinum coating.  The durable, light blade is consistent and smooth.


To take care of the face for the rest of the morning requires a quality aftershave, preferably non-alcoholic which are not astringent and drying.  Aftershave balm by Acqua di Parma is a soothing treat.  Natural ingredients such as aloe vera as well as almond oil cool and moisturize the skin and are quickly absorbed.

For a relaxing and aromatherapeutic shave, the Art of Shaving Sandalwood kit has everything necessary for an incredible shave infused with Sandalwood.  From the pre shave oil to the aftershave balm, these top quality products suggest a calming experience that starts the day off right.

To take facial grooming up a level is to have a shaving station neatly arranged in the bathroom.  The Fendrihan 5-Piece wet shaving set is the way to go. It features a Merkur HD Classic Safety Razor, Super Badger Shaving Brush, Large Apothecary Shaving Mug, Shaving Soap and a Razor and Brush Metal Stand.


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