Louis XIII Cognac with Ocean Blue World Celebrates “100 Years” in Mexico City

As part of an extraordinary international tour, the world-renowned Louis XIII Cognac in partnership with Ocean Blue World presented an exclusive “100 Years” experience at the exquisite French restaurant, Les Moustaches, in Mexico City.

In true Ocean Blue fashion, the #ByInvitationOnly #OceanBlueExperience, hosted by Rodolphe de Lapeyrouse, LOUIS XIII’s Director of Mexico, featured a luxurious tasting of Louis XIII cognac and delicious gourmet delights.

Distinguished guests included Lorenzo Lazo, Pedro Ovin, Leobardo Espinoza, Juan Manuel Trujillo, Baptiste Lombard, Michell Gonzalez, Gerardo Gaya, Horacio García, Mauricio La Madrid, Ana Luisa Suarez and Rodrigo Estrada.

In an effort to raise global awareness and spur action for climate change, Louis XIII has partnered with Pharrell Williams to create the song “100 Years,” which will only be released in the next century #IfWeCare about environmental issues and choose to make a difference.

“I love the fact that LOUIS XIII thinks about the century that is to come,” said Pharrell Williams. “We should all do the same for the planet. We have in common the long-term interest of preserving nature. Each bottle is the life achievement of generations of men and women. It’s all about legacy and inheritance.”

The song was recorded on a disk made of clay that can only be destroyed if submerged in water. Louis XIII created this campaign #IfWeCare in order to raise awareness of climate change with the idea that this piece of music will be heard by future generations in 2117.

From Shanghai to Mexico City, the international tour will continue with private events in different cities around the globe.

Discover Louis XIII and more Ocean Blue Experiences at OceanBlueWorld.com.


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