Illuminate Blue with Iluminemos de Azul For Autism

#MakeItHappen with Iluminemos de Azul For Autism

Through brilliant awareness campaigns and events, Iluminemos de Azul is #MakingItHappen to create understanding and improve the lives of those with autism.

Their autism awareness campaigns have involved the help of Mexican soccer stars, photography contests, Zumba and 5K race events.

This April, Iluminemos de Azul invites supporters to “illuminate blue” during Autism Awareness Month, and especially on April 2nd for World Day of Autism Awareness. Be a part of the awareness campaign by sporting a blue ribbon, taking part and sharing on social media networks, and donating in support.

What is Autism?

“Autism is a life condition that affects to a greater or lesser extent social interaction through communication, behavior, language and sensory integration of people, is a different way of interpreting words, colors, shapes and the sounds of the world around us.”

The causes are unknown, although it is believed to be caused by a genetic factor associated with an environmental component. With personalized and specialized therapeutic treatment, those with autism can greatly increase their quality of life.

What is Iluminemos de Azul?

Iluminemos de Azul works to carry out social impact actions to sensitize, raise awareness and inspire society in favor of people with autism.

Why support Iluminemos de Azul?

Iluminemos de Azul works to provide support to families, promote the inclusion of people with autism in society, and support and collaborate with institutions and therapeutic centers.

The lack of information and knowledge about autism around the world is alarming. Autism is not a disease, but a life condition. It is a neurological and social diversity, which also has a serious impact on the family’s social and economic environment.

The treatment of a person with autism must be based on the deep understanding of the person, their condition and each case in particular, with early and timely intervention being key.

People with autism do not live in “their world,” they live in ours. This life condition is a different way of processing information, of interacting with and in the world.

Iluminemos de Azul believes that treatment goes beyond a diagnosis of the condition, going further into the diagnosis of the skills and abilities of each person. By providing the right tools for children and young people with autism, they can increase their quality of life and have more possibilities of an independent life.

To #MakeItHappen and learn more about supporting their initiatives, visit Iluminemos de Azul online.

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