A globalized world, where competitiveness and the quest to take full advantage of all the opportunities for growth that emerge out there, do not always get to match with the desired expectation about the personal growth of the employees, their well-being and the longed dream that a young entrepreneur built some day in their imagination of the future, to make this world, something better.

However, there are success stories that prove it is possible. This is the case of Clase Azul Spirits, the company that produces the emblematic tequila and mezcal Clase Azul. This 100% Mexican company, is not only an example of good operating practices achieved to position itself as one of the top luxury brands in the world, but, also, it has taken the flag of human well-being as one of its priorities to achieve such success.

 Its purpose: To initiate a shift from our current reality to encourage individual transformation. “Success for me is based on happiness, on the possibility of transforming lives in a positive way”, shares Arturo Lomelí, founder & CEO of the company.


Clase Azul Spirits ranked at the top of the best companies to work in, under the GREAT PLACE TO WORK certification; It is an inclusive company where 60% of the employees are women, a large part of them from the Mazahua indigenous culture, who handmade each of the liquors that contain Tequila and Mezcal Clase Azul completely by hand. The physical disability has not been an impediment to the hiring of its staff. The focus is on people, their well-being, the care of their time and the balance of life in their personal, professional, familiar and spiritual spheres. “Everyone is important in the company, we do not use numbers, we use names to identify ourselves.” (Arturo Lomelí).

 Even the company has a not profit organization named “Fundación con Causa Azul” that with a 100% focused team dedicates its days to the support of Mexican artisans, their training and promotion of their hand-crafts, looking that way, to keep our culturally exquisite Mexico alive.

This is how Clase Azul Spirits adopts this philosophy and life style as part of its business strategy, as part of its added value. Having happy employees, proud of their company and their work, employees who, motivated and grateful for that well-being, give their maximum effort, can almost automatically lead to business success, achieving a dream that is not only accounted for in profitability, but also in shared happiness. 

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