The Incredible Chinese Skyscraper with a 350-Foot-Tall Waterfall

China Has Another Wonder of the World to Add to the List

Not to be outdone by Dubai and their incredible achievements, China now is home to the largest artificial waterfall.  In Guiyang, capital of the Guizhou province, the cascade stands at 350 feet.  It was built as part of the Liebian International Building, a skyscraper featuring a luxury hotel, retail stores and offices.  The Ludi Industry Group is behind the extravagant design, director Cheng Xiamao said “Guiyang is a city of mountains, and with many trees, just like a forest.” He wanted “to create a feeling of water and greenery, even when you are surrounded by skyscrapers.”

The local government has recently been committed to making the city more ecological and built Guiyang into a garden city with over 45 percent grass and tree coverage.  The city is sometimes known as the “world’s summer resort.” Curiously enough the previous largest artificial waterfall was in another lovely, green city, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The cascade is meant as an attraction and to be used for special festivities and events.  Last month for example it was running during the International Marathon, which had approximately 25,000 participants.  So far though it has only been active between half a dozen to a dozen times with the oft-cited reason being the high cost.  Recycled tap water and rainwater is pooled in a four story underground storage and drainage facility. This needs to be brought up hundreds of feet and requires an extensive four-pump system to function.  The amount of electricity used per hour costs roughly $120 USD to run the marvel of human engineering.

While some may critique it for the use of energy, others believe it is something unique and the waterfall fits well in the setting.   The province is already known for its beautiful natural splendor.  Any trip will be well worth it and if you plan a trip around a special event then you will have the best chance at seeing this human made wonder in action.

Courtesy of: Liebian International Building.

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