Let There Be Light

Chrissy Teigen, Victoria Beckham, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Carey Mulligan; all have gorgeous skin, and all are fans of LED, or Light Emitting Diode, masks to help their skin look fresh and tight. Just 15 minutes with an at-home mask before an event can smooth wrinkles and give the skin a noticeable incandescent glow.

Light Emitting Diode mask

The technology behind LED masks is based on the color of the lights and their effect on the epidermis. Red lights promote the release of collagen, plumping up the face and giving it more firmness. Blue lights are designed to kill the bacteria that cause acne and other blemishes. White light stimulates the growth of new skin cells, essential for regaining and retaining that coveted elasticity that begins to fade with age.

Many of the easy-to-use at-home masks — LED therapy has long been used by dermatologists — offer all light colors so that treatments can be customized to the skin’s needs on a particular day.

Some of our editor’s favorite LED masks include: Arduro LED Mask, Dr. Dennis Gross LED mask, Ora LED light energy mask, Solawave neck and chest rejuvenating red light therapy mask, the popular CurrentBody LED mask.

Julia Roberts loves the LED mask’s effects so much she posted a photo of herself wearing one to social media with the caption “I’m all in!” The global market for LED masks stands at $3 billion and is expected to grow even further in years to come, making it a home beauty trend that is here to stay.

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