Rejuvenate with a Digital Detox

Digital Detox

Decompress, Re-Calibrate and Rejuvenate

Turn off to turn on is the theory. Less time on that screen, be it pad, tablet, computer or phone, will increase personal success and happiness.
Companies in the technological world such as Google and Apple offer suggestions and apps on how to regulate your time onscreen including recommendations such as leaving them behind when shopping, walking and driving, as well as disconnecting from twenty-four availability.
All over the world the concept of digital detox has taken hold. The Philippines’ Mandala Spa and Villas offers a luxury villa with everything but television and wireless connections.
The first-class Echo Valley Ranch and Spa in British Columbia offers device-free luxury ranch living with horseback riding, stargazing and mountain hiking activities. City and country hoteliers offer real life activities reminding people of life without a digital device on hand. Some offer board games, or bird-watching – from beach to shopping destinations – all with the mandatory policy to rejuvenate and relax away the world-wide community.

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