Top 7 Alternative Exercise Classes for 2018 – Including a Barre Class on Ice

  Top 7 Alternative Exercise Classes for 2018 – Including a Barre Class on Ice

Top 7 Alternative Exercise Classes for 2018

Barre on Ice

London’s first barre class on ice mixes thigh and glute sequences, chiseling arm maneuvers and core-strengthening abdominal moves – all on an outdoor covered ice skating rink. After point and flexing through the class, a relaxing second-half stretches out muscles and warm down (even on the ice).

Sweating at an Urban Sweat Lodge

Dating back to 6th century Greek bathhouses, sweating has long been recognized as a restorative wellness treatment. A modernized concept of this can be found at Shape House, and urban sweat lodge that began in Los Angeles. Ancient tradition and contemporary wellness converge to burn calories, deepen sleep, improve skin and lift moods.

Aerial Yoga

Unnata Aerial Yoga explores new and traditional yoga poses, while partially or fully supported by a hammock suspended from the ceiling. This elevated yoga class allows for expanded flexibility, increased range of motion, strength-building, and a sense of ease and relaxation.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

New York City’s Shock Therapy offers sessions that effectively condense three hours of traditional strength training or cardiovascular exercise into half-hour workouts. The personalized classes are limited to six people, and with the help of an exclusive power suit, the training is guaranteed to be hardcore. Whether working for strength-training, calorie-burning or elite athlete conditioning, these efficient sessions are ideal for those with a time crunch.

Stand Up Paddling

In the gorgeous waters of Cabo San Lucas’ Medano Beach, Cabo SUP offers lessons and guided tours for Stand Up Paddling or SUP. As a low impact, fun exercise that combines balance, strength, and endurance, it is easy to see why SUP is the fastest growing water sport in the world.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

At all the luxurious Bulgari Hotels [link to OBW Bulgari Dubai], the fitness centers offer unique training and therapy through WORKSHOP GYMNASIUM. Voted best for “First-Class Futuristic Fitness,” WORKSHOP offers effective systems to help achieve instant improvements. One such technique is Fascial Strech Therapy, assisted stretching that takes the fascia, connective tissue and the joint capsule through various angles and ranges of movement to achieve instantaneous results.

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