Top Winter Beauty Essentials for a Summer Glow

Must Have Beauty Essentials for a Summer Glow

There’s nothing like the summer sun to help you shed your winter skin and come gloriously out of hibernation. Here are a few essential go-to products for the warmer months ahead.

Speaking of shedding that winter skin, try Ahava Deadsea exfoliant. The product originated from the Dead Sea in Israel so you know it also has some old-world magic to it. Scoop a nickel-size amount onto your fingers then massage into every inch of your body. You’ll use a lot of product on your first round so apply amply on your arms, legs and torso for a smooth and silky finish.

Next on the list is TAN LUXE – a self-tanning serum you can use with your favorite moisturizer. Use a few drops all over (there is a Tan Luxe for the face and one for the body). Pro tip: if you apply it at night, you’ll wake up to a golden hue. No time for the beach? You’ll look like you just returned from Mexico, thanks to this tailor-made tanning product.

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When you do venture out into the sun, apply protection. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 is non-clog poring and feels like it’s not really there. Plus, it doesn’t melt off even in the warmest weather. On that note, did you know your eyes are susceptible to sunburns too? ZEISS Vision care is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision optics and offers full-UV protection in a clear lens to protect your eyes and surrounding skin.

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When it’s hot outside, you want lightweight sheer products for your face. Although it’s not new you will be hard pressed to find a make-up artist that does not swear by Mac Studio Face and Body Foundation. For the foundation you can certainly layer it for a heavier look but it has a beautiful consistency that evenly allows your skin to radiate.  If you have any areas of concern you might try a little Milk Makeup Flex Concealer. Dab it under your eyes with just your finger. Remember less is more.

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Do not forget your lips – they often need a lot of love and they give it also. The days are longer and the sun is stronger, which means your lips can get dry and flaky, and we all know that doesn’t bode well for lipstick. A well-kept secret the Australians — who live in the hottest climate — have been keeping from us for years is Lucas Papaw Ointment (now available on Amazon.) Put it on a few times your first day and you will immediately notice visible results. Now with lips primed and ready to go you can opt for that gorgeous must have perfect red lipstick such as ILIA “Femme Fatale” or Lancome “Sheer” to take you from day to night.

The last piece of makeup for summer fun is Pat McGrath Mascara. The brush is wonderful and the mascara will give your lashes a pop.

Enjoy summer, but remember the sun can damage too, so always apply adequate sun block before you step outside or start your beauty routine.

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