Veggie Burgers Take the Plate for Healthy Deliciousness

Recently TGI Friday’s made headlines around the globe when the United States-based chain introduced Veggie Burgers that “bleed like meat.”  True carnivores were naturally insulted and flocked to the restaurant to compare the vegan burger (made by now famous Beyond Meat) with its “real meat” (ground beef) counterpart. It was so successful, it’s become the quickest test-to-table menu offering in the brand’s history.

Photo Courtesy by Jennifer Causey

Deceptively delicious, and healthier too! Veggie burgers also beat-out beef for low saturated fat—three grams compared to 10 in a regular lean patty. So, who makes the best one? Here’s a run down of some of the most savory veggie burgers around the globe that deserve a shout out.

Starting with the fast-casual restaurant Fat Burgers—yes, you heard that right. Fat Burgers serves authentic old-style burgers in locations that your grandparents hung out at, and their veggie burgers are second to none. They key is a delicious soy, BOCA patty grilled and built-to-order served on a toasted whole-wheat bun.

Another surprise location for veggie burgers is in Australia and made by Lord Of The Fries. Not only are the burgers succulent and delicious, but the fries are incredible and freshly cut with specialty sauces. Their “Beyond Meat” burger is known as the holy grail in the plant-based industry and it is said to look and taste like a real meat patty. You be the judge.

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If you find yourself in San Francisco ROAM serves locally sourced ranch beef or house-made organic burgers. The burgers are tasty and they look like something out of a food magazine. The veggie burgers are organic and gluten-free. There’s no waste here—even food scraps and to-go ware are composted and converted into fertilizer, which is used to grow more food.

The last place worth a mention is Black Burger in New York.  While the trendy location appears to be the antithesis of a vegetarian place they serve a mean veggie burger upon request for 79c more than a regular burger. The one common thread of all the veggie burger joints mentioned here is that they are not strictly vegetarian restaurants. They are groovy dives, restaurants or chains that focus on delicious “feel-good food” and also happen to make delicious vegetarian burgers.

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So the moral of the story is drive your Porsche or Hummer SUV and order a Veggie Burger next time. You’ll lower your carbon footprint (cows cause greenhouse gas) and trim your waistline.

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