True Love

This trio of dynamic influencers proves that you can win over followers while also being real and embracing authenticity on social media.

Ricky Smith


A professional dancer with an endless list of credits who doesn’t rely on the latest TikTok trend for his social media feed? Yes! New York City—based Ricky Smith keeps his followers captive with his compelling studio videos showcasing everything from modern to salsa dance, as well as his delightful travel pics that have him everywhere from Monument Valley, Arizona to Palm Beach. Ricky is one to watch on the NYC dance scene.

Ricky Smith showcasing his moves
Photo credit: Tanner Neal

El Charro González


With more than 345K Instagram followers and 17.2M likes on TikTok, El Charro González’s spectacular viral videos showcase the myriad of rich experiences to be had in Mexico. His signature Day-of-the-Dead aesthetic makes him instantly recognizable, even garnering him prestigious opportunities such as the main character of the Day of the Dead Parade and at the Festival Long Beach in California.

ElCharro González as as the main character of the Day of the Dead Parade
Photo credit: Francisco Gonzalez

Diana Flores


Someone name a Barbie after this woman. Diana Flores isn’t just the captain and quarterback of the Mexico National Flag Football Team, she’s a Forbes 30 under 30, Under Armour ambassador, and champion of young women. Always encouraging everyone to follow their dreams, her social feeds are balanced with both in spiring athletic posts and off-the-field style content.

Photo credit : Los Cabos Tourism Board

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