The Magical World of Ken Fulk

The Baja House, a pink building with palm trees and a table centered in a pool of water

A designer of experiences large and small, Ken Fulk is renowned for his layered interiors, high-concept hospitality brands and unforgettable parties. The Virginia-born designer has spent the last 25 years developing a business by elevating the daily lives of his clients, not only designing their homes, jets, restaurants and hotels but also creative directing their special events.

Cover of Ken Fulk's book
Douglas-Friedman interior design - A domed room with a semi-circle couch and surrounding chairs

As co-proprietor and creative director of properties ranging from historic hotels in New Orleans and the Berkshires to New York’s Noda and Felix Roasting Co., Fulk has expanded his impact beyond the boundaries of design. In 2018, he founded Saint Joseph’s Arts Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to supporting local artists at revitalized historic landmarks in San Francisco and Provincetown. Upcoming projects include a performance venue in Wine Country and the re-opening of The Chrysler Building’s famed Cloud Club.

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