Top 5 Virtual Museum Tours

“It’s a lovely experience walking around a museum by yourself.” Brad Pitt

We are all armchair travelers these days. But even when spontaneous world travel was still a thing, spending a leisurely afternoon exploring your favorite museum was not always easy. A reluctant partner, tight schedules, and overwhelming crowds all trying to catch a glimpse of the Mona Lisa – who knew she was so tiny IRL – would cool the passions of the most ardent museumiac.

I’m not sure if Mr Pitt meant visiting a museum without a partner, or if he took advantage of private viewing tours after hours. Either way, we can all indulge in solitary explorations now, as countless well-known museums and galleries around the world have gone online during their temporary closures.

We have rounded up our favorite Virtual Museum Tours to get you started on your Home Travel Experiences.

The Louvre, Paris

A selection of four virtual tours are currently available on the museum’s website. View an exhibition titled ‘The Advent of the Artist’ in The Petite Galerie; Egyptian Antiquities; Remains of the Louvre’s Moat; and the Galerie d’Apollon.


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The Smithsonian, Washington, D.C.

One of the most well-known and extensive museum complexes in the world, the Smithsonian is an intriguing place to visit at any time. Now you can take self-guided, room-by-room tours of select exhibits and areas within the museum – without that characteristic redolence of antiquity in the air. Current exhibits include African Voices, and the Butterfly Pavilion.


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National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

If you are more into art than archaeology, this is an excellent choice. Enjoy video tours of current exhibitions (Degas at the Opéra, and Raphael and His Circle), or discover in-depth looks at highlights of the collection, audio and video recordings by artists and curators, and other online opportunities for learning.


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History of Science Museum, Oxford

There’s certainly something for everyone in this online space, with several galleries to choose from. Explore the 3D “dollhouse” rendering of the museum to find exciting interactive treasures. If we must pick a fun favourite, it is probably this one!


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The Vatican Museum, Rome

For a sense of awe infused with spiritual majesty, The Vatican Museums are filled from marbled floor to ornate ceiling with breathtakingly beautiful pieces. Art, archaeology, and opulent décor combine in in glorious walk-though galleries including the celebrated Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Rooms.


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Want more?

Google’s Arts & Culture Collection offers a fantastic showcase of virtual tours: 360° videos, interactive Street View images, and high-definition Art Camera close-ups of famous pieces. Notable inclusions in Google’s Top 10 Museums are Mexico City’s National Museum of Anthropology, MASP in São Paulo, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and Seoul’s National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art.

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