Aerin Lauder: Tips On Stylish & Simple Entertaining

Some are palatial tablescapes with Technicolor blooms others are essentially dream birthday set-ups with presents, cake and candy. Aerin Lauder knows the epitome of perfect hospitality from al fresco dinner parties to romantic holiday occasions and everything in between. And as flowers are in full power amid the most colorful season of the year, this illustrious hostess is lending her expert tips on how to refresh a space with new, surprisingly fun items that are soft in color palettes and bring sun-tipped arrows from the outside in.  Between switching out throw pillows as a passport to warmer weather to incorporating cane, bamboo and straw to mimic the spring season, Lauder knows just how to elevate a home with warmth and heart as we leave the colder months.

Photo Courtesy by Aerin Lauder

Premiering her Spring Edit along with a collaboration with Williams Sonoma, Lauder is re-writing the guidelines for stylish entertaining that’s neither difficult nor expensive but manifests a touch of quiet decadence in an elegant manner. With coastal designs layered on top of dinnerware to pretty floral prints faceted on hair mist, there is no decorative accessory missing from this pleasure-filled, ultra-playful collection.

Photo Courtesy by Aerin Lauder

Ocean Blue World sat down with Lauder to hear more on creating memorable occasions that are simple with a glamorous ambience, refreshing a cozy winter room with spring aesthetics and how to become inspired in our personal spaces during self-quarantine.

OCEAN BLUE WORLD: Aerin, currently premiering your Spring Edit, tell us about curating this playful collection that’s filled with an impressive range of pastel aesthetics.

AERIN LAUDER: I inherited my creative passion from my grandmother Estee. She liked to make everything around her beautiful. She saw beauty as an extension of herself, her home, wardrobe and family. She used to say, ‘Everything can be beautiful if you just take the time.’ This concept has not only inspired the way I live day-to-day, but it shaped my philosophy behind the AERIN brand – that living beautifully should be effortless. I am always inspired by art, travel, fashion and design which serves as a focal point of inspiration for each collection.

OBW: Evoking the spirit of warmer months, you created a gateway to a new world where flowers bloom and al fresco dining moves outdoors. What is your favorite piece in this collection for a dinner outside on the terrace or in your own backyard?

AL: I always like to incorporate colors and textures that mimic the season. A few of my favorite materials to use are cane, bamboo and straw, which can always be enhanced with a ton of flowers. New for our spring collection, I really love the AERIN Caleen Plates. Available in a range of sizes, the plates have a bamboo border and are a beautiful addition to any table.

OBW: You recently collaborated with Williams Sonoma. What are your “must follow” tips for creating understated elegance for a dinner party?

AL: When entertaining, my goal is for guests to feel as comfortable as possible. I always consider incorporating elegant, unexpected touches to do so. One entertaining trick that I learned from my grandmother is to serve gourmet potato chips or nostalgic candy in decorative bowls. What’s more inviting than candy and chips? I also like to use a beautiful tray to create an instant cocktail party. It quickly becomes a portable bar space that can move with your guests.

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OBW: Family is key. Do you have one memorable occasion that you continue to return to for inspiration?

AL: Birthdays are always a special tradition in our home. No matter the age, we celebrate with presents, cake and candy in the morning. I love how such a simple tradition can continue to inspire me year after year.

OBW: We often connect spring to cleaning out our homes with new, surprisingly fun items. How do you recommend refreshing your home this spring season?

AL: There are many simple things that can be done to make your home feel fresh for spring. Switching your throw pillows from season to season is one way to easily and effectively upgrade the aesthetic of any space. When it comes to spring, I start relying on softer color palettes and natural elements that bring the outside in.  There’s also nothing better than the smell of fresh cut flowers in any season, but especially at this time of year.

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OBW: Today, as we practice social distancing, how can we be inspired in our own personal spaces, whether if it’s cooking, re-decorating or cleaning out our closets?

AL: I’ve been doing my best to keep busy and remain positive while staying at home. I found that there are little things I can do each day to maintain a sense of normalcy and calmness such as cooking dinner for my family, working out at home, going for a walk in the fresh air and setting aside a few minutes for me to just relax. Whether it’s calling a friend to check-in or taking a bath, it’s important to do these small gestures to make myself feel good during such an unsettling time.

OBW: Building a lifestyle brand that’s reached consumers across the globe, what are your plans for the future? 

AL: There are many exciting things happening for the AERIN brand. I look forward to developing new products, continuing to collaborate with like-minded brands and conceptualizing new pop-up and retail ideas.

Photo Courtesy by Aerin Lauder

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