Top Wellness Influencers on Instagram

Instagram’s Top Wellness Influencers

From fitness inspiration and healthy eating to yoga retreats and self care, these wellness warriors deliver motivation to their many followers through their well-curated Instagram feeds.

Remi Ishizuka

As a top health & wellness influencer, Global Adidas ambassador and source of lively inspiration, Remi Ishizuka is a rising star in the fitness realm.

Guru Jagat

Known for her Kundalini teachings and helping others find their spiritual awakenings, best-selling author and yogi Guru Jagat offers sought-after yoga experiences.

Lee Tilghman

One of the top wellness bloggers and influencers, Lee Tilghman inspires countless women with recipes, a holistic lifestyle and a focus on self care.

Heather Lilleston

As the co-founder of New York’s beloved Yoga for Bad People, known for its lighthearted, fitness-focused yoga classes and exotic retreats, Heather Lilleston has developed a large, celebrity-filled following.


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