Back to School Season!

With the fall school term upon us, and everyone so excited to hit the books, here are my personal picks for helping out this season.

IBBY México

This amazing institution with 35 years of expertise is invested in the formation of readers in Mexico. In a nutshell, they try (and do succeed!) in creating the right connections between readers and books, providing facilitators, materials, and community spaces to encourage reading. They are also engaged in offering services thru BS-IBBY México, a library which specializes in young readers.


Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo (PAC) organizes monthly and seasonal events through its Programas del PAC which this year supported through their annual call-for-entries, 115 art projects from 20 different locations in Mexico. Many of these included scholarships granted for independent space, curatorial projects, education, and publications. Also this year, along with Transformación Arte y Educación (TAE) and Colaboración Curatorial Kadist (KCC), PAC sponsored the conference: Fables of the Living Dead: An allegorical story of Latin America. 


Anónimo Colectivo is a nonprofit contemporary art auction, where the concealment of authorship remains until the piece is sold to the highest bidder. The nonprofit encourages the purchase of art as a process free of preconceived ideas, motivated only by the connection that an anonymous piece can generate. Their latest event, in September of this year at the Museo Tamayo, entitled Edición Coleccionistas, was organized with Aimée Servitje, president, and Sonya Santos de Arredondo, director, of the nonprofit Fundacion Olga y Rufino Tamayo, along with the Curator of the Museo Tamayo, Juan A. Gaitán.

Anónimo has successfully organized other charitable events such as the auction and exhibition, Indocumentados at Miami’s Art Basel and in Guadalajara. Art philanthropist and entrepreneur Alejandra Martinez is the master-mind behind this non-profit which helped put ArteCareyes on the map.


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