Behind The Brand. Cabo’s Most Exclusive Luxury Platform Creates Impact with Philanthropic Giving

Ocean Blue World: Behind The Brand.

Cabo’s Most Exclusive Luxury Platform Creates Impact with Philanthropic Giving

Ocean Blue World, a global leader in the luxury market, is committed to helping nonprofits achieve their missions. Integrated into the fabric of the company, the global networking platform continues their journey of philanthropic giving through meaningful efforts that empower change. With a growing list of discerning clients, internationally recognized luxury brands and advertisers, their far-reaching sphere of influence is a powerful instrument that speaks to the heart of human experience. Behind the luxury brand, it is the bigger narrative of focusing on the greater good of others that remains at the center of it all.

Ocean Blue Magazine, the sister component of Ocean Blue World, donates a double spread for philanthropic initiatives in every quarterly edition, shining the light on various nonprofit organizations. Strategically aligning with writer @rafaelmicha, Managing Partner of the renowned Grupo HABITA, this donated editorial contribution celebrates giving opportunities and upcoming benefit events in the art, health, and education scenes. Encouraging participation and joining in the conversation, Micha, in collaboration with Ocean Blue World, brings to the foreground the importance of supporting a good cause. Read the latest issue. With an international print distribution structure, Ocean Blue Magazine is well positioned to unlock the power of giving and share their charitable compassion to readers around the world.

Well respected in the Los Cabos community and beyond internationally, Ocean Blue World, alongside the authoritative force in the luxury real estate market – Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate – willingly gives back to those in need contributing time, talent, resources and services. Committed to making a difference, the company´s philanthropic endeavors center around collaborating with Los Cabos homeowners, high-profile business owners, entertainers, captains of the industry, members of royalty and investors, all in support of hardworking local charities.

Vanessa Fukunaga, Owner and CEO of Ocean Blue World and Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate states,We sincerely cherish our participation alongside the myriad of charitable organizations in Los Cabos and beyond and work hard to ensure that giving back to the community is top of mind. The act of giving is a core value of our business and provides meaning for what our teams stand for. As we grow, so does our ability to give back to the community.” Fukunaga, on the board of the AMA Foundation dedicated to saving the oceans, and the youth center for Club de Niños y Niñas Baja California Sur, among other charitable establishments, is the driving force and vision behind Cabo´s most exclusive luxury platform leading with passion and strength to genuinely help those in need.

The forward-thinking luxury brand raises awareness of philanthropic efforts through a dedicated #MakeItHappen section on their elite digital platform and an in-house Ocean Blue Productions team that presents #BehindTheScenes coverage at local charity events. Additionally, a specialized team of social media experts seek to interpret messages of social and community impact, including an upcoming digital Turtle Watch campaign that tracks Ocean Blue’s turtle on its journey through the seas. Follow the excitement in 2020 as Ocean Blue World looks forward to furthering their commitment and significance with philanthropic giving.

Ocean Blue World is proud to support the nonprofit organizations including Casa Hogar, Liga Mac, Los Cabos Humane Society, Los Cabos Children´s Foundation, Heart4Cabo, Building Baja´s Future, Red Autismo, The Del Vado de Santa Rosa Children´s Kitchen and more.

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