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For starters, a huge shout out goes to all the corporate sponsors of fundraising events, especially: party planners across the land, PR firms extraordinaire, libation experts such as Casa Cuervo and La Europea, generous accommodations by Grupo HABITA, across the board supporters like Fundación Jumex, and each and every one whom I fondly refer to as the usual suspects. Without their unwavering and committed support, we would not be able to organize any charitable happenings.

Here are a few of this summer’s undertakings.

Brigada is a tool for non-profits, companies, governments, donors, and well-intentioned citizens to work collectively, effectively, and transparently towards the common good and help to coordinate the reconstruction of communities in the wake of natural disasters. Brigada is currently being piloted across approximately 4,000 communities in Mexico, as the country rebuilds from the back-to-back earthquakes of September 2017. In the days since its launch, civil society organizations have documented over $10.5 million U.S. dollars on reconstruction expenditure and mapped hundreds of verifiable projects. Its stellar advisory board includes film Mexican prodigal son Alfonso Cuarón, and star architect Tatiana Bilbao, which guarantees transparency. Please contact

Fundacion Conmemoraciones 2010 A.C. is committed “to reinforce links of a historical, social, political, and cultural nature among Mexicans.” It is an art and architecturally-oriented nonprofit focused on the preservation of historic buildings in Mexico including the ten-year project with the five million U.S. dollar ticket of the painstaking restoration of the Casa Rivas Mercado, famous for its residents and portrayed in the gorgeously written novel In the Shadow of the Angel by Kathryn S. Blair. After undertaking such an endeavor, Fundación Conmemoraciones is after new and challenging undertakings which will be revealed this season.

Confederacion Mexicana de Organizaciones en favor de la Persona con Discapacidad Intelectual A. C. held its gala February 15, 2018 but is always on the lookout for individual and corporate sponsors to help finish and complete the construction of their community center located on Observatorio Avenue in Mexico City. Differently-abled people find support here, so please help this much-needed organization.

International Community Foundation (ICF) helps expats living in Mexico find the right way of giving back to their adopted communities. Especially prominent in Los Cabos, ICF helps to identify the most urgent challenges and select the most qualified partners, while ensuring that donations are being used effectively and responsibly. Created in 1990 the ICF has been helping U.S. donors to overcome this unique challenge and receive U.S. charitable donation tax benefits.  It has been the nonprofit foundation of choice for U.S. donors who are passionate about improving the quality of life for the communities they care about, particularly in different areas such as: education, art, culture, environment, conservation, and health. Please visit for more information.

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