The High-End Design Brands and Boutique Hotels that Support Mayan Yucatán Communities

#MakeItHappen: Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya, A.C.

Behind the Mexican design brand Taller Maya and The Haciendas by The Luxury Collection are the wonderful Mayan communities of the Yucatán peninsula.

Through the work of non-profit organization Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya, A.C. (FHMM), these Yucatán communities have received a much-needed sustainable boost.

Taller Maya

With beautiful hand-crafted designs, including the colorful Mexicaba collaboration with Christian Louboutin, Taller Maya and the non-profit Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya, A.C. promote social and economic empowerment for these communities.

The artisan collections feature beautiful handcrafted accessories, hammocks and homewares, all fair-trade certified.

With a focus on integrating their Mayan heritage, various projects including the Taller Maya brand help develop and promote the skills and capacities of the communities’ residents.

Social entrepreneurship programs have helped artisans by giving them the basic tools and training to ensure a sustainable income from using their knowledge, while also preserving their traditions. More than 500 women have been trained in traditional handicraft techniques, creating artisanal pieces with a story and great cultural value.

The amazing talent of the artisans and their partnership with FHMM, has evolved to create the fair trade Taller Maya brand, as well as other successful projects. With participation across multiple generations, the initiatives have a powerful impact both culturally and economically.

The Haciendas by The Luxury Collection

The Haciendas, consisting of a group of The Luxury Collection boutique hotels, are designed to boost the local communities of the Yucatan. Founded as project with a clear vision of sustainable tourism, the carefully-restored haciendas promote career-building opportunities in the local communities.

Consisting of five Haciendas with ancient Mayan elements and surrounding natural beauty, with luxurious modern additions, The Haciendas offer an enchanting, authentic travel experience.

With three Haciendas in Yucatán and two in Campeche, each of the five Haciendas offers a unique experience. From Hacienda Santa Rosa, a former nobleman’s private estate with ornate gardens, to the coral-walled Hacienda Temozon Sur amidst a tropical rainforest, these boutique hotels offer both culture and beauty.

Intergral Community Development Program by Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya, A.C.

In addition to Taller Maya and The Haciendas, Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya, A.C. has built programs in six strategic areas including Human Development, Natural Resources, Housing and Infrastructure, Social Enterprises, Education, and Health.

These initiatives have created wide-ranging effects throughout the Mayan communities, including the creation of 318 orchards to improve nutrition for countless families, 81 college Scholarships for students and the improvement of over 200 families’ living conditions.

To support the wonder Mayan communities of the Yucatán peninsula and learn more about Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya, A.C., click here.




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