Making It Happen In Los Cabos

As global philanthropy grows, we in small communities cannot forget the power we have to make change locally. Renowned as one of the world’s most luxurious destinations to invest, vacation and retire, Los Cabos additionally shares a devoted sense of community, where support and camaraderie abound through loyal organizations such as Casa Hogar, Liga Mac, Los Cabos Humane Society, Los Cabos Children´s Foundation and many more.

Combining a passion for helping others and contributing to those in need, Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate and Ocean Blue World’s #MakeItHappen campaigns center around bringing together the very generous and philanthropic Los Cabos homeowners, business owners, visitors and investors to enjoy exciting events while contributing time, talent and resources to making a difference. Committed to creating opportunities for the generosity of the community to shine through, Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate and Ocean Blue World sincerely cherish their participation alongside the myriad of charitable organizations.

In support of the non-profit organization Building Baja’s Future, an enthusiastic crowd of over 300 ‘made it happen’, raising over $17,000USD for educational programming in Los Cabos. This was the event of the season where Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate and Ocean Blue World made a difference in the lives of the future professionals and leaders of our community.

El Comedor de Niños del Vado de Santa Rosa, ¨the kids kitchen,¨ is another philanthropic endeavor sending teams to visit local children delighting in food, fun, games and gifts…but the most precious of all – time.  Giving back to these engaging children is of utmost importance and close to the heart of the #MakeItHappen campaign.

Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate and Ocean Blue World are proud to #MakeItHappen through event and experience creation contributing to the support of hardworking local charities for the greater good of the Los Cabos community.

For more opportunities to ´Make It Happen´ in your community please contact [email protected].

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