MAD for Noma: René Redzepi Brings Together the Global Food Community

MAD for Noma: René Redzepi Brings Together the Global Food Community

René Redzepi Seeks to Bring Together a Global Food Community with MAD

From opening Noma, one of the top restaurants in the world, to uniting the global food community for positive change, René Redzepi is an epicurean superhero.

As the legendary Noma prepares to open its doors again as Noma 2.0, with reservations having sold out instantly and over 35,000 people on the waitlist, Redzepi continues to transform the culinary community.

Already a four-time winner of the title of World’s Best Restaurant and the distinction of two Michelin stars, the iconic Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark has always reached for the highest standards.

In the spirit of renewed motivation, Redzepi and his team left Noma behind to travel and learn from other parts of the world. They opened outrageously successful Noma pop-up restaurants in Japan, Australia and Mexico, sourcing and incorporating local ingredients, such as mussel michelada in Mexico.

Inspired by working internationally and discovering the best food of the Nordic countries, Noma 2.0 will focus entirely on seasonal delicacies, with a new greenhouse and urban farm complementing the new restaurant.

René Redzepi and his team plan to offer a diverse menu, divided into three seasons throughout the year. Each menu will offer radically different cuisine, featuring the freshest ingredients of the season.

With the exclusive grand opening on February 15th, this season’s menu is based on peak Seafood Season, featuring fresh, sustainably caught seafood.

#MakeItHappen for MAD

Beyond culinary mastery, René Redzepi is also furthering the discussion about the future of food.

With the founding of the nonprofit MAD, which comes from the Danish word for “food,” the renowned chef also shows dedication to making a difference in the world’s restaurants, communities and society at large.

As food is an integral part of many of the world’s most persistent challenges, MAD’s focus is to help inspire, educate, and find creative, sustainable solutions for these issues. MAD prepares the culinary community to be leaders in building a better, healthier, more sustainable, and more delicious future.

MAD started as a two-day Symposium in a red circus tent pitched in Copenhagen’s harbor.

Today, the event assembles brilliant, prominent figures from the gastronomic world and other disciplines, in order to further the conversation, spark innovation and spur action. Matters such as sustainable agriculture and social entrepreneurship, and the roles of science, health and creativity all provide actionable inspiration. MAD has also developed to include local and international events, free online education resources and publications.

The restaurant community plays a major role in shaping a better, more sustainable future for food. MAD builds programs that provide the food world with practical tools and a dynamic network to improve their profession and further the public’s awareness of these issues.

If you share an appetite for change like René Redzepi, MAD is an organization for you to support. #MakeItHappen and support MAD now.


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