The FIA Foundation: Helmets Help Kids

The season of giving. One that starts with roasted turkeys and afternoon football soirees and ends with stuffed Christmas stockings and jingle bell parades. And as we enter Thanksgiving, Ocean Blue World is highlighting one of the most coveted global foundations, coined The FIA Foundation. With a reputation for innovative global road safety, strategic interventions to improve air quality and tackle climate change, and an advocate in areas of road traffic injury prevention and motor vehicle fuel efficiency, this internationally recognized UK based charity is determined to ensure “safe, clean, fair and green” mobility, to guarantee a sustainable future for all.

And what could be more important than securing a safe ride for our children. So in spotlighting The FIA Foundation, we’re closing in the importance to support the initiative, Helmets for Kids.

In South-East Asia, motorcycles and bicycles are a main vehicle for transportation. And with an increasing number of fatalities and injuries in motorcycle accidents, The FIA Foundation has made it an upmost priority to take action and make roads a safer place to drive on.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s imperative that countries fast-track road safety initiatives, with statistics stating that motorcycle or bicycle crashes are a leading cause of death from ages of 15 – 29 years old, with the South-east Asia Region accounting for more than one-quarter of all total road accidental deaths. In 2013, as many as 316,000 people were killed in road crashes and over 50% of total deaths were primarily motorcyclists.

But, with the FIA Foundations branch project, Helmets for Kids, The FIA Foundation is determined to ensure safer roads for children. By supporting AIP Foundation’s approach to advocating for quality helmets and road safety education, The FIA Foundation has helped to save lives in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

The award winning documentary, In Retrospect, annotates real life stories of victims and survivors, cataloguing why it is vital we act now.

To join in on the fight for global road safety and ensuring secure rides for children across the world, we suggest supporting and learning about the AIP Foundation this holiday season, a member organization to The FIA Foundation. By lending your help, you can promote safer behavior among high risk road users, making quality helmets accessible to all.


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